Why Does My Laptop Say Plugged In Not Charging?

Plugging in the laptop is the first step in the charging process. As soon as you plug in your laptop, A blue light indicates the charging has begun but what if the charging has not begun. Are you wondering Why Does My Laptop Say Plugged In Not Charging? In this post, we will show you how to fix it.

The laptop indicates that the wire has been plugged in and still no charging taking place. In such a case, your laptop is connected to the AC Adapter but you see nothing.

No bright screen display, no charging mark in short no changes. There are various methods to fix this issue one such method is getting a new battery, wire, or plugging into some new socket. 

Software and other repairs could also fix this problem. In some cases, the full system needs to be exchanged and repaired.

So proper detection of the problem needs to be done for fixing the issue.

The problem could be very small and it could be very large to cost you sums of money.

So quick and correct detection is really needed for fixing the issue. Fixing the wire or lose wires could also be the problem.

Hence, just don’t jump to a conclusion without complete detection or seeing the problem.

Make sure the laptop is plugged in

No company is capable of fixing such an issue like this. So make sure that the laptop is plugged in and the wires are tight.

See to it that the AC outlet is properly connected and there are no loose ends left behind.

Check all the cords that are removable. Check the adapter brick as well. So in nutshell check the laptop and battery points as well.

You can also try connecting the plugin different unit as that particular unit may be damaged.

So the first step is not to get panic-stricken and try to work on things from your own end.

If then also the issue is not resolved and the laptop is not getting charged again go to the next method.

Try to lose the battery inside

Check whether your laptop comes with a removable battery or not. If it comes with a removable battery then all you have to do is take out the battery, try to remove any dust or dirt inside or outside the battery.

The next step is to hold the button especially the power button for 15 seconds. This helps to let the rest of the power in the system leave so that the start is easy and simple.

Keeping the battery out the next step would be to plug in the required power and restart the system.

If the laptop gains power easily and efficiently then there is nothing to worry about. This represents the battery failure and you have to get a new battery in this case.

Check that you are using the correct USB-C port

USB-C is used for transferring, storing data, and for battery charging purposes. Some ports are for data and its requirements only.

Hence, the charging will not take place. Such is the case for Huawei MateBook X Pro.

So make sure you are connected to the correct USB-C port which can efficiently charge your device.

Check for the charger power

You can’t use any charger. The charger has to be powerful enough to run your laptop. Use a USB-PD charger but always check for the wattage it consists.

The power should be enough to run your laptop. If your laptop came with a power of 45 watts then the charger that you are using should be of 45 watts or more than that.

Don’t use a charger that is not branded usually they are of low quality and may not have efficient power to run your laptop.

Shorts, Burnout, and breaks

Do check your wire. It may be having various breaks, shorts and burnout then the charging will not happen simply.

The wire may be chewed by any pet. Inspect your AC brick. Is it colored or discolored always check this? You can contact a new manufacturer.

Check if the laptop comes under some warranty or not. So first check that the connection is smooth enough and there is a continuous supply of power then only the charging will work well. 

The Connector must be checked 

Go for a solid connection and if there is not one then there is something wrong with the connection. The dust and dirt can restrict for smooth connection.

So if you want a smooth connection try to remove the dust and dirt. Use a toothpick to clean the jack and then try to plugin in again. In some cases, the jack comes out to be loose or wobbly in nature.

Reduce the Heat

Overheating of battery is a problematic situation. Hence you should avoid overheating of the battery or even the system.

Do not use the laptops in such a manner that their cooling vents are blocked.

Always try to use it on the table so that there is a vast supply of air and hence the proper functioning of the battery can take place.

Try turning off the system and give it some time to cool. In this way, the laptop will function smoothly again and the charging point will also start running without any obstacles.

Check your internal setting 

After going through a thorough check-up of the outside equipment, now is the time to check for internal deficiencies. In settings search for power and sleep option.

Then go on additional power settings. Then select the change plan in the settings and ensure that all things are properly done. Click on Balanced.

Mac Users

In the system, preferences go to energy saver and see what preferences are there. If a short interval is there then there is some problem in the battery surely.

Make some changes in the settings and see whether things are normal again or not.

Updations of Drivers for Laptop windows 

Go to the start menu and select the device manager from the options given. Right-click on each and every item given and then update its drivers.

After updating then it is time to reboot your system 

Go to outside Assistance 

If things are out of your control then ask for outside assistance and seek for professional guidance. So at this point contact a good or your laptop’s brand tech support which may be free or paid.

The expert from whom you will seek guidance may ask you to follow the above-mentioned steps but being an expert he/ she can look into the matter more deeply.

So always try to seek expert guidance. The expert may be an expert of both hardware and software so the solution will be easy and also timely.

Part Damage

If the battery is still not working there may be damage to the inside of the laptop. It is possible that any of the parts may be damaged that are present inside of the laptop.

The damaged part should be repaired or should be exchanged with a new one for the laptop to function smoothly.

The motherboard may be faulty, Battery sensors may be damaged.

There can be damage to the charging circuits and any other similar functions may be at fault. Fixing such things may work in your favour.

In such a case, I will always advise you to seek the guidance of the manufacturer and get your parts replaced if in warranty or get them repaired or you can even ask for a new one.

This option may seem costly but this is the last step that you can take. Without which now anything cannot be done.

So what you need is the proper functioning of parts and good guidance to fix the problem.

An experienced person may detect such errors very easily and efficiently. So this step is a must when nothing works.

Swap Out the Battery and the Cord

If the above steps are inefficient in solving your issue. I have one more solution that is to get a new cord or an adapter. You can go for a new cord or can also get a repaired peace.

One can also opt for an exchanged version. All is fine till your battery works.

Try to call the manufacturer and ask for a replacement if the laptop is newly bought.

If it’s a new laptop replacement is very easy and the cheapest method you can opt for is a replacement of the parts.


So now you know why your laptop is not charging even if it shows plugged in.

Following these suggestions, you can save your money and your time, as well as your laptop from any major damage and, can also resume your work easily with a full battery and a great charging battery.

Don’t worry these steps can take you out of the tiresome battery issues and hence can solve a great problem for you.

I hope this article helped you to solve your problem and helped you to get the desired results.

Following these suggestions is mandatory if you want to get rid of this problem forever. 

Let us know your views on Why Does My Laptop Say Plugged In Not Charging in the comment section.

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