How To Play Ps4 On The Laptop Without Remote Play

If you were unaware of how to play PS4 on your laptop without remote play till now, then you have landed at the perfect place. In this post, we will tell you the entire process of how to play the ps4 on the laptop without remote play.

Remote play is a feature of video game consoles that allows you to play all the games in a super exciting manner.

The feature also allows the Ps3 and Ps4 to transmit the video and audio output to another device.

Also, this could only be the PlayStation portal. It also helps in streaming you whatever you want.

You can also stream the games and videos on the console. It is also considered as the straight second stream with various control codes. This will also allow you to go in other directions.

Remote play can also connect to your smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and various other devices.

Although, it is not essential to have a remote play to have while playing the PS4 on your laptop. Also, you can play your favorite games without a remote play on your laptop.

Therefore follow the guidelines that have been shared in the article below. However, you can quickly learn how to play Ps4 on the laptop without remote play.

So, now you don’t have to feel irritated because of the sluggish Ps4 controllers.

Besides, these issues are entirely resolved as you can easily play all your games on the laptop without the remote play feature.

What Is Remote Play?


The PlayStation remote play is an application that lets you in controlling your play station console from windows 10 and remotely.

You can hence, stream and play Ps4 and Ps3 games. You can also switch between the different games and view them on the home screen sequentially.

Moreover, you can easily browse the console menu from the various compatible devices connected to your wifi.

With the remote play feature, you can easily Ps4, ps5 console connected to a Tv.

All you have to do is pause a game, then access the remote play app from your chosen device, and your game will be on that screen, ready to play right from your left it.

You can also switch the device on your PlayStation 4 or play station 5 consoles and start playing directly from the remote play application.

Additionally, you can also stream Ps5 or Ps4 games on the anther device through the game console.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the remote play on your mobile cellular data. It would help if you had a broadband connection with a speed up to at least 5 Mbps.

Finally, to get the best experience, you are highly recommended to have an internet connection with a speed of 15 Mbps.

Best Way To Play Ps4 On The Laptop Without Remote Play


Hence, without wasting much of your time. Let’s move ahead and discover all the steps with the help of which you can play ps4 on the laptop without the remote play.

Also, the process is straightforward and very less typical. All you will need to execute the process will be an HDMI cable and a USB-c to USB-A cable.

Now, let’s move ahead and discover the further process precisely and in detail.

STEP 1– Starting with the very first step, start by downloading the desktop application of the game capture or central control applications from the official website.

You can also use the external capture card to complete the entire process.

STEP 2Also, after completing the application download action, connect the PS4 HDMI out port to the HDMI in port on the capture card.

It will also accept the video signal through the same cable. But you also need to ensure that you have plugged in the USB-A cable in the USB 3.0 port of your laptop.

Step 3 –Therefore, when you have connected the laptop with the capture card and PS4, launch the game capture application instantly.

This will only take a few seconds to initialize the capture card to accept all the video signals.

Step 4 Now, ensure that there are no problems with the capture card in accepting signals.

The capture card is the only way to recognize the gaming device; therefore, you have issues with the capture card.

Then, you can set the manual settings of the game. For that open, the game capture settings option and click on the gear icon.

Now, select the gaming device on a PS4 below the capture card.

STEP-5 You can also use your keyboard as the input device. It will help you if you forget the PS4 controller at home or somewhere else.

Though, it cannot give you a fantastic job. The controller will somehow manage your issue.

Moreover, when there is no such way, it can be a much better option.

Important Things To Remember To Play Ps4 On Laptop Without Remote Play


1. Until and unless you have the capture card and the required cable, this method will not work.

Hence, make sure you have all the necessary equipment to play Ps4 on the laptop without remote play.

2. You can also use your keyword for input but remember, that there are very chances that you might get higher efficiency. Also, it works well best with the Ps4 controller.

3. You do not have to worry about the laptop’s specs as your pS4 will take care of the processes and your laptop.

Ending Thoughts – How To Play Ps4 On The Laptop Without Remote Play

Hence, these are the best ways you can play ps4 on your laptop without any remote control.

You also do not need any remote controller with this method.

Make sure to gather all the required things in the process, as this will help you provide you with better output.

A regular laptop that does not have high specs is also enough for your gaming.

Let us know your views about How To Play Ps4 On The Laptop Without Remote Play in the comment section.

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