How To Hook Up A Ps3 To A Laptop?

If you are looking for the best way on how to hook up a Ps3 to a laptop, you have landed at the perfect place. Your laptop has an HDMI port, and your PlayStation 3 outputs its display HDMI. You might be tired of wondering how you can easily use your laptop as a makeshift screen to play your ps3 games.

Although, unless you have a laptop that supports the HDMI port, you won’t be able to connect your ps3 to the laptop. HDMI is a rare feature to get in all the types of the laptop.

Since there are some ways with the help of which you can quickly hook up your laptop with your Ps3 game. The Sony PlayStation 3 is a popular entertainment media game console.

That allows all the users to play their favorite game. You can watch blu ray movies, surf the internet, view photos, and listen to music with this gaming console.

The HDMI cable is used to transfer the high-definition video from the console to any external device. This can also be connected to any screen. This includes the television and the laptop screen.

With the correct video port, adapter, and video card usage, you can avoid purchasing the HD television and use your laptop as a playback device for your PS3.

Check If Your Laptop Is Compatible Or Not?


The very first to hook up your laptop with Ps3 is to check if your laptop is compatible with the gaming console or not. Hence, in this, you need to check whether your laptop consists of the HDMI port or not.

Many of the laptops are intended to come with one single port where they output a signal rather than the receiving one.

Also, in some rare cases, your laptop might have an HDMI port, and also it is labeled HDMI in that specific case.

However, this situation tends to be very rare. So, to the point where you have to specifically look for a laptop with the feature to find whether your laptop consists of the HDMI feature or not.

What To Do If Your Laptop Is Not Compatible?


So, if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI import, you need to work out the best solution with the help of which you can easily hook up the PlayStation to your laptop.

You can also use the capture cards. But these tend to be a little expensive. Also, they come with many display issues as well.

You will also find that purchasing a second-hand Tv screen or a monitor with an HDMI port is cheaper than finding a workaround for your laptop.

Although, if you are lucky enough to have a laptop with an HDMI input port. Then you can easily hook up the Ps3 with your laptop.

In the below section of the article, we will provide you with the detailed steps with the help of which you can easily connect and hook up the Ps3 to a laptop.

How To Hook Up A Ps3 To A Laptop


With the steps mentioned below, you can easily connect your Ps3 gaming console to your laptop, and then you are good to go with it. So, let’s get started.

STEP 1 – In the first step, you need to visit the setting section of your Ps3 menu. Now scroll down to the network settings and go to the internet connection settings.

Select your wireless router from the list of the available connections.

Suppose the router has the ultimate security you need to input your password connection. In the settings list, it will display enabled once you are connected.

STEP 2 – Now, link the laptop and Ps3 together through a router. If you have one, connect both the console and computer to the router with the Ethernet cables.

This is needed for a Ps3 with around 40 gigabytes of memory and does not have wifi.

STEP 3 – Connect the devices directly with a USB cable. Use one of the USB-style ports the ps3 uses for its game controllers. This requires a USB cable with two thin connector plugs.

Connecting The PS3 To A Laptop To A Monitor

STEP 1 – For this, you can connect your external video to your laptop. 

This device will connect to the computer through the USB port and have both composite and 2-video connections.

STEP 2 – Now, connect the capture card to your laptop. Insert its included CD-ROM into your disc drive and install the software that allows the computer t recognize the card’s drivers and consists of a video viewing and editing the application.

STEP 3 – Attach the ps3 to the capture card using the console’s RCA composite cable. Open the video application and turn the console on to view it on the program’s screen.

STEP 4 – Locate and click the application’s full-screen button to enlarge the game screen to your full monitor.

Hence, these are the most important steps with the help of which you can easily hook up the ps3 to a laptop.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that your laptop should have an HDMI input. With this, you can effortlessly.

Also,  you connect the laptop with the ps3 with your laptop via the internet and FTP.

Besides, this option of connecting the ps3 console to a laptop is helpful if you want to control the file system remotely.

Ending Thoughts On How To Hook Up A Ps3 To A Laptop?

So dear readers, you can easily connect the PS3 to your laptop via LAN.

But you need to make sure the PC and playstation3 are connected to your router via the ethernet cable. If it is a newer router, it should automatically recognize the Ps3 via DHCP.

Moreover, you can also add it to the network and hence assign the IP address. 

If this does not happen, automatically use the network wizard and find the new devices and add the ps3.

Now, you can easily enjoy playing all the games on your laptop. This will also eliminate all the hassle of getting a new laptop with an HDMI port.

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