How To Download Amazon Prime Video On A Laptop

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, then you must be wondering what is Amazon prime is and what does it offer? If you know amazon due to the shipping services, then we must tell you Amazon is much more than providing fast home delivery. In this post, we will show you How To Download Amazon Prime Video On A Laptop.

; it provides a wide range of services nowadays considering its amazon prime services, including amazon prime videos, limited access to the latest shows, one-day delivery and many more.

Amazon Prime Video is considered one of Amazon Prime’s most significant benefits. Prime Video provides unlimited movie and TV show streaming. With new content, Amazon is continuously extending its Prime Video collection. Here we will give you all the information on how you can easily download Amazon Prime videos on your laptop.

What is Amazon prime video?


The Amazon Prime Video was probably the first of all online entertainment services when the online streaming services started.

In starting, Amazon Prime gave access to additional services that were inaccessible or generally premium to consumers in various countries.

Services included one or two days of multiple products on the same day or delivery. Amazon Video was also one of the offerings that were launched.

It is available on various channels today, such as live streaming and on-demand video services, which have transformed online streaming worldwide.

The video streaming service has been made available for Prime Members in many countries, including India, the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Instant video streaming provided access to TV shows and select films at the expense of membership in Prime.

The type of TV shows and movies available differ depending on the country you log in from. Some of them are international, available in many countries.

Regional content is also provided. Prime today is estimated to have over 200 million subscribers. They are distributed in 100 countries and around the world.

Other benefits include prime membership, such as the Kindle owners’ lending library concept, which latterly introduced.

Features of Amazon Prime for PC:

You can subscribe to hundreds of premium channels, including Stars, HBO, Showtime, etc., by just adding Amazon prime.

Additionally, you can view these channels on Amazon prime without paying for the cable and can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Moreover, you can search through a wide range of shows and films in Amazon’s Prime Video in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

The first episode of TV shows is offered free of charge by Amazon Prime.

It also suggests movies or shows based on what you see and immediately adds recommended Titles to your watch list for later viewing.

Each of Amazon’s latest TV series is seen on Amazon Prime. And viewers vote what they’d like to see more.

Availability of Amazon Prime Video:

You can experience HD video quality on the web browser by streaming Prime videos; with the Amazon Prime software, you can easily stream all your favorite shows on your Windows.

Therefore, Amazon Prime can easily be watched on your laptop as long as you have one web browser and an internet connection.

You can easily see Amazon Prime movies after opening and logging on to the Prime Video portal.

Here are steps you can follow to download the Amazon prime videos on your laptop.

How To Download Amazon Prime Video On A Laptop


Wondering how can you download Amazon prime video, you can directly install the Amazon prime video from your respective app store.

Also, you can use a third party. Ether, you chose anyone one of the processes here; we have discussed the entire process of how you can download the Amazon prime video on your laptop.

Using the Native Windows 10 App:

In July 2020, Amazon finally introduced the original application for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store, enabling any Windows user to download his favorite films and shows to his/her laptop.

The application is somewhat similar to Amazon’s smartphone applications, although the mouse and keyboard controls interface has changed.

There are two fundamental differences between the application and the web version, and quality and downloads are the key elements.

Like the streaming quality of Windows, the application is restricted to 720p, while browser streaming enables high-quality playback to 4K.

Most laptops now have a 1080p resolution, but it is frustrating to know that you would have to stick with the website to take advantage of it if you have a new XPS 13 with a perfect pixel-perfect 4K monitor.

The deal here is finally able to stream Prime Content to your laptop and is worth the resolution for most viewers.

Anything which can usually be downloaded from your phone or tablet in the Prime app and can be downloaded here to make your downloads bigger or smaller using Download Options in the settings menu.

Although the Windows 10 app is not flawless, it is exciting that you can finally download movies and shows on your laptop.

Download And Install Amazon Prime For PC Using An Android Emulator:

The above procedure is straightforward to stream Amazon prime videos. It would help if you used the Android emulator to download and set the Amazon Prime software on your PC since Amazon Prime Videos, due to some reasons, cannot be downloaded officially from your computer.

 There are several Android emulators available for running android applications on a computer or a laptop. We suggest that you run AMP on your PC because it will provide you with the shortest storage space on your PC compared to other android emulators.

Follow the directions given to upload Amazon Prime for PC correctly and install it with the MEMU player.

Step 1: Firstly you have Download and install the MEMU app player from the official website and install the application in your laptop.

Step 2: Open the MEMU app player after the MEMU application player has been installed.

Step 3: Now, the Google play store has been opened and pre-installed on the MEMU app player.

Step 4: If you’re first using the MEMU App Player Google Play Store, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Gmail account. Both info on the Gmail account must be filled in.

Step 5: Next, go to the top of the window search bar and enter the Amazon Prime videos.

Step 6: Then, Tap the Amazon Prime app and then click the update and install process buttons to get started.

Step 7: Sign in to the Amazon prime account when the installation is done. The Amazon Prime app is available on your PC.

Ending Thoughts On How To Download Amazon Prime Video On A Laptop

Above are the ways and easy steps you can follow to download amazon prime video easily; in the few years, digital streaming platforms have emerged as the most significant entertainment industry.

If you see, many new digital streaming platforms have been introduced in recent times.

But the variety of shows, movies amazon prime offers anyone still cannot compete easily.

Let us know your views on How To Download Amazon Prime Video On A Laptop in the comment section.

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