How To Connect Mobile Hotspot To Laptop Windows 10

Nowadays, every one of us requires the internet generally everywhere in every corner of the world. But it’s quite difficult to get internet access all over the world. In this post, we have included a guide on How To Connect Mobile Hotspot To Laptop Windows 10.

Most people use a Wi-Fi connection at home, but those who think that Wi-Fi is a highly cost and rated connection generally use it another way.

If you are told to work from home and there is no Wi-Fi connection in your house then what will you do?

A simple answer to this question is a mobile hotspot. The use of mobile hotspots as we all know is easy and it is cheaper than a Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile hotspot can also be connected to the laptop and the method can be easily understood if you will read this article. 

If you are looking for an internet connection and you don’t have public Wi-Fi then you can connect your mobile phone internet to your laptop windows.

The process of this connection is widely known as tethering. So let’s understand the basic things which are required for the connection. 

Tethering, as told is a widely used term for connecting your smartphone to your laptop by which your windows can get a phone’s mobile data connection.

This process can easily work with the help of USB and Bluetooth. As we all know there are generally three options by which you can connect your mobile data connection with your laptop windows.

3 Ways On How To Connect Mobile Hotspot To Laptop Windows 10

  • 2. Using your smartphone as a wireless internet hotspot. 
  • 3. Use of USB is another method by which you can connect your Smartphone and can access the internet in your windows laptop. 

From all three, there are many questions that which method will drain your battery faster, which method is safe to use or which helps in the transfer of data connection on a quick basis.

Before going on any one method, make sure that you have enabled your mobile data connection.

If you want a faster speed then your mobile network should be full too. Let’s now have a look at the three methods. 

1. Connection Of Mobile Internet To Laptop Windows With The Help Of Using Usb Tethering


 Smartphone nowadays has so many modern features which help you to connect your mobile data through USB.

In the process, you will need a USB which will help to generate internet from one device to another device.

The process is easy to understand. You just have to connect the USB with your phone to your laptop and plug it in to the point where you charge your phone. 

Open the settings option in the network and internet icon.

When you will click it a hotspot and tethering option will appear in your laptop windows. You simply have to click on the USB tethering option to enable it.

Your USB cable should be connected perfectly to both devices.

An option of hotspot and tethering warning will pop up on your windows which will be informing you that continuing can occur some problems between your phone and PC.

However, everything is safe nothing happens and then you can click ok and you can enjoy your mobile internet in your PC. 

In most USB connection, the battery level goes on decreasing because generally your are connecting one USB wire on both the ends which enable to take load most of the time.

There is no issue when it comes to speed. Speed is perfect in the USB connection of a mobile hotspot to a windows laptop.

2. Use Of Bluetooth To Connect Mobile Internet To Laptop


Bluetooth is the very basic option which most of us use when we require connecting any electronic device to our laptop or our phone.

The way to share mobile data connection to your laptop through Bluetooth is an easy process again.

Open your smartphone Bluetooth settings. Bluetooth settings in any phone are visible easily.

Then in the phone only in the Bluetooth region, you have to touch on Paris new device. 

Now on the laptop, you have to click on the Bluetooth settings. Tap on the select device and then on Bluetooth and another device.

You have to tap on add Bluetooth in the laptop and then check your phone name. Select your phone and pair it.

Once you are paired, go on the mobile hotspot and enable it then you can enjoy your data connection in your laptop too. 

When it comes to speed, the connection is a little bit slow as compared to the USB option. The battery of the smartphone and laptop remains good. 

3. Hotspot Of Wifi To Laptop Windows 

Setting up a WiFi connection in your home itself is the easiest way to connect the internet to your laptop.

You just have to open settings and your laptop and then go on network and internet and then hotspot and tethering.

You just simply have to tap on the portable hotspot. A next slide or screen will appear, and then you have to click on the switch slider.

Your device name will appear and then you can simply connect by adding the password of mobile hotspot. 

When we compare this method to Bluetooth and USB cable then its speed is not that fast as in USB connection. 

If you are done with any of the following methods for the first time, then it’s easier for you to keep all these in mind and can activate them a second time more easily.

You just have to keep in mind that always enables mobile data on smartphone and USB cable should be perfect. 

Ending Thoughts On How To Connect Mobile Hotspot To Laptop Windows 10

So, whenever you are in a need of the internet, you can make use of your mobile data and connect your laptop.

All three methods are quite easy to understand and work efficiently.

The support they offer to laptop windows is so amazing.

No one can suffer due to lack of internet and enjoy internet connection everywhere at cheaper prices rather than putting a WiFi connection. 

Let us know your views on How To Connect Mobile Hotspot To Laptop Windows 10 in the comment section.

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