How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost?

Without an excellent working battery, your laptop is completely useless. Hence, it is essential to have a high-quality battery for your laptop. Therefore, in this post, we have included a guide on How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost and things to keep in mind while purchasing a battery.

The battery of your laptop is an essential component. Apart from the working battery, it is also crucial for you to have a high-quality battery to function better with your laptop.

The battery of the laptop holds immense value. Hence, the size, costs, and performances of the various batteries vary from each other.

Also, for the high-end laptops, the batteries used are usually powerful and vice versa.

Besides, if you are planning on purchasing a new laptop battery, you need to focus on many factors.

This post will mention all the critical parameters you need to consider while purchasing a new battery for your laptop.

There are certain times when you are not sure about when is the right time to change your laptop battery.

It doesn’t matter how good you treat your laptop; your laptop battery still might die.

Besides, battery death can be sudden death or pre-death. You might get the signs at first itself.

Windows will automatically notify you when the battery levels and capacity of your laptop go super down.

How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost?


The most common price of the new laptop battery ranges between $40 to $120.

Moreover, it depends on what type of battery you are planning to purchase.

Also, which type of laptop you are currently using. Besides, if you plan to replace your laptop battery with a reusable battery, this is also a great option.

The price fluctuates depending on how powerful the battery is. The age of the battery is an essential thing to consider.

As many users keep wondering that if they spend this amount in purchasing a battery, then for much time, they don’t have to invest in the same reason again.

The precise answer to this question is that laptop life lasts for around 2-4 years.

As a result, it will start working inefficiently in this period. The batter performance will get spoilt in some time.

As a result, it will start working inefficiently in this period. The batter performance will get spoilt in some time.

Hence, you might need to carry your laptop charger everywhere you go.

The cost of your laptop battery also depends on the type of battery you are purchasing for your laptop.

These days you can get a wide variety of batteries in the market.

Some of the most popular types of the battery are Nicad, Nimh, or Li-ion. Lithium batteries are also the most common type of battery. Also, a 6 to 9 cell lithium battery cost around as high as $120.

How To Check For Your Laptop’s Battery Capacity?


Suppose you are curious to know about the capacity levels of your laptop. Then you can quickly check that too.

Although for that you need to refer to a third-party tool. Airsoft free battery info view can be used to check the battery levels of your laptop battery.

The tool will display the approximate water level of the battery’s capacity. It is designed to hold. Some types of batteries may store other information as well.

Like the number of charge cycles and discharge cycles the battery has gone through.

Important Factors To Consider Before You Purchase A New Laptop Battery

This section will provide you with the most critical parameters that you need to check on before you purchase the new battery for your laptop.

The first and foremost thing is to check that the battery that you are planning to purchase for your laptop should be compatible with your laptop.

Many standard batteries can work with specific models of computers, while many cannot. Therefore, make sure to check and discuss with the dealer before you purchase the battery.

Once you check that the battery version is compatible with your laptop, now you need to check whether the material out of which the battery is designed is suitable for your laptop or not.

There are many types of batteries available in the market. Nickel, cadmium, lithium-ion, and lithium polymers.

Out of these, the Nicad is the most popular type of battery. These are obsolete and work efficiently with various models of the laptop.

Although, in some laptop versions, these batteries do not last for long as well.

The third important thing to check in the battery is the capacity of your laptop battery. The capacity of the battery is the amount of power that the battery can hold.

This is usually written in milliamperes in all the batteries. Also, the greater the capacity of the laptop battery, the greater the power it can produce.

The larger capacity of the battery also indicates that there is the possibility of lesser charge cycles. Therefore, always make sure to look for higher milliamperes for higher power of the battery output.

Like all the other technology and electronic products, the battery lives also need to g through the servicing process.

This helps in ensuring the high quality of the power. The servicing process also increases the durability of the laptop battery.

Ending Thoughts On How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost?

So dear readers, here is everything that you should know about the approximate cost of the laptop battery.

Apart from that, make sure to check for all the parameters mentioned in the post before you plan on purchasing a brand new battery.

These factors will help you in investing in the right battery. Also, replaceable batteries are an excellent option if you are looking out for them.

These will help you in extending the battery usage for longer. Also, make sure to invest in a branded battery for your different laptop.

Let us know your views about How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost in the comment section.

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