Can I Connect Airpods To My Laptop – How To Pair And Connect

Back in 2016, Apple revealed its latest product, an invention it hoped would revolutionize the Bluetooth headphone industry-the AirPods. In this post, we have addressed the question users have “Can I connect Airpods to my laptop”

AirPods are wireless and nothing like the bulky high-quality headphones that had been the trend. Instead, they were small ear-fitting Bluetooth earbuds that ensured a wireless experience and seamless pairing with all devices, especially apple.

They fit well and stay put in your ears even when running, jumping around, or doing cardio. One of the most marketable features of the AirPods is their ability to not move a lot.

Types of AirPods


After the release and immense success of Apple AirPods, the Silicon Valley company decided to release more versions. They took in complaints, considerations, and reviews to perfect their products.

The AirPods 2 were released in March 2019, unlike its predecessors came with changeable silicone earbuds to ensure a snug fit for all ears.

Both the generations of AirPods have different case options, one that is charged through USB and the other that can be charged wirelessly. Despite the high price point of these wireless earbuds, they have become one of Apple’s Most successful accessories.

The 2nd generations of AirPods have additional features like a microphone to filter out background noise when chosen, an H1 chip, and longer talk time.



The Apple AirPods are compatible with all electronic devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. They also work with android, Microsoft, Windows, and other devices such as digital watches.

However, despite the compatibility, there are certain features such as the automatic switch between devices that are only available on Apple devices.

Users have complained about some lags but largely AirPods have functioned seamlessly with even the non-Bluetooth devices such as windows laptops, Samsung laptops, and more.

How To Pair And Connect AirPods To The Laptop 

If you have recently bought the apple AirPods and are trying to discern how to pair them with your laptop, look no further.

The answer is simple- turn on our laptop’s Bluetooth. However, the process is going to differ depending on whether you have an apple laptop or some other.

Connecting AirPods to MacBook 

If you have already set up your AirPods with your iPhone, they would be ready to use with your MacBook, if both are operating on the same Apple ID.


 Just turn on your MacBook’s Bluetooth, open the lid of your AirPods and bring them close to the MacBook, they should connect automatically.

If you haven’t set up your AirPods with your Apple ID follow these steps-

Step 1. Flip your AirPods and press the small button in the back, till the light turns white

Step 2. Bring them close to your MacBook

Step 3. Go to the Bluetooth connections page on your MacBook and choose your AirPods

Step 4. Plop them in your ears and enjoy!

Connecting Airpods to a non-apple device

Airpods can be used on any device as long as the device is Bluetooth compatible. You can enjoy the musical experience or participate in meetings using the AirPods without having to buy a MacBook or iMac.

To connect AirPods with a non-apple device follow these steps-

Step 1. On your laptop, go to Bluetooth settings and turn on the Bluetooth 

Step 2. Keep both your AirPods in the case and open the lid

Step 3. Press on the setup button a the back till the light turns white

Step 4. Airpods will appear on the list of available devices on your laptop, select them

You would be able to reconnect to your laptop using your AirPods easily, just go to your Bluetooth settings page and choose them. That’s it! Connected and now enjoy!

Airpods 1 vs Airpods 2

Airpods were the pioneering apple earphone product that was released back in 2016. While it is given that with time, the brand would learn from its mistake, consider people’s reviews and grievances to improve on their products, and create something better.

It is hefty price tags attached to the 2nd generation of AirPods that makes most people pause and consider both generations. The differences between the two generations are quite stark and yet not.

In terms of looks, the first generation is sleeker, and its ends are longer. The second generation is shorter and quiet like a mouse but has the significant advantage of fitting everyone’s ears as it has changeable silicone buds.

The first generation barely stayed in some people’s ears and hurt others. Apple redeemed themselves by making the second-generation customizable.

Coming to the features the two offer- the first has fewer. The first generation has Siri functionality, touch-sensitive commands for both left and right pods, automatic interchangeability between devices, and the option of a wireless charging case.

The second generation in turn has all of the aforementioned features as well as more such as noise cancellation, Hey Siri functionality, faster device switching, double-tap for Siri, longer battery life, and more.

The Bottom Line

While choosing between the two generations of AirPods, it would be important to not forget that both perform the same feature that wireless earbuds. 

The second generation has some degree of an edge over the first one in terms of noise cancellation and Hey Siri features, however they are not an endgame.

Take it from someone using the first generation for over two years- they work beautifully. As long as they fit your ears and do not hurt them, you can easily choose the first generation.

But if you have some extra cash to burn, upgrading to the latest, feature-rich model is never a bad idea.

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