Can I Change The Dedicated Graphics Card On My Laptop?

In many cases, it isn’t easy to upgrade the dedicated graphics card. If you still want an excellent gaming experience, you need to purchase a new laptop. In this post, we will be addressing the question Can I Change The Dedicated Graphics Card On My Laptop?

You can purchase a new laptop in which the graphic card is already of a higher resolution.

These days, the vast majority of laptops have integrated graphics which means a graphic processing unit.

These graphic cards are permanently connected to the motherboard. These are not removable as they are attached to the desktop and pc.

These days many CPUs are available in which they contain the inbuilt GPU. This implies that you have to replace the processor to upgrade the graphics card. 

Also, taking Intel as an example, you will find that the same GPU is used to work your way up the i7 core generation.

This also means that even if you upgrade the processor, there are very few chances that you might notice the improvement in the graphics performance.

Besides, there are chances that whenever you open your laptop,  it will start poking around the sides and insides. With this, you also need to say goodbye to your laptop warranty.

If you are looking for a PC platform to play games on, getting a desktop is a much better deal.

Moreover, you will be spending less money and getting more performance. However, this is not the ideal solution for everyone.

Now, let’s move ahead and discover the best way to change the dedicated graphics card on my laptop.

How To Add A Graphics Card To A Laptop?


Here is an exclusive way with the help of which you can add a graphics card to your laptop. But solely, the purpose is not only for gaming.

Also, you can plug one graphics card into the USB port.

By doing this, you get an extra graphics output for all your purposes. This also helps you to drive the external monitor along with your laptop’s built-in screen.

Besides, if your laptop has VGA, display port, or HDMI output, then simply adding a USB graphics card means you can quickly drive the third screen as you are not limited to two displays.

Best Way To Change The Integrated Graphics Card On Windows

So, if you have issues with your dedicated graphics card, then you can change that too.

For this, you can change the settings of your integrated graphics card to the dedicated graphics card and start using them according to your convenience.

These steps will help you provide the exact method with the help of which you can easily change the graphics card efficiently.


The first step is to right-click on your desktop and select the graphics properties. Now, doing this will open the graphics and media control panel. Now, click on the advanced mode and click ok.


In the next window, click on the 3D tab and set your 3D preferences to performance. Click apply to see and execute all the changes.


Now, select the power tab and set the power plans to maximum performance. Hence, if you sometimes perform with your laptop only running on battery, choose the battery from the top right corner and asset it for the maximum performance and click apply.


Close the graphics mode of the window. Right-click on the desktop again. Now, this time select the control panel for your dedicated GPU.


For the NVIDIA cards, click on the adjust image settings with the preview. Also, select use my preference emphasizing performance and click apply.


Click on manage the 3D settings and open the drop-down menu for global locations. Select the high-performance NVIDIA processor as you have preferred and click apply.


Open the drop-down menu for program settings and click add. Now, please search for the video files and their exact location. Double click and select it.

Open the drop-down menu and select again the high performance graphic card processor.

Hence, these are the best ways with the help of which you can change the dedicated graphics card in your laptop. As a result, this is one of the easiest methods.

Integrated VS Dedicated Graphics Card


Integrated Graphics Card

The integrated graphics card refers to the computer where the graphics processing unit is built onto the same die as the CPU.

This also comes along with several benefits for the users.

These graphics cards are also energy efficient. These are less expensive than a dedicated graphics card.

Also, the integrated graphics card used to have a bad reputation, but these also have improved a lot lately in the past few years.

These graphics cards are perfect for computing, including some casual gaming and the 4K resolution game video watching.

Dedicated Graphics Card

The dedicated graphics card is a piece of hardware. These types of graphic cards are attached to the computer.

The dedicated graphic card helps in analyzing the excellent performance of the computer.

Many times these graphic cards are also known as video cards or discrete graphics. 

There are many types of graphics cards available, like GPU and some RAM and a fan to keep these graphics cards in a cooler state.

The benefit of these graphics cards is that you can find the one that is powerful enough for almost all the tasks.

Ending Thoughts On Can I Change The Dedicated Graphics Card On My Laptop

So, the dedicated graphics cards are better as compared to the integrated graphics card.

This is because as these are attached to the computer or laptop, they help monitor the correct functionality of your laptop’s graphics.

You can find the dedicated graphics card in a moderate range of prices.

The dedicated hardware graphics are more reliable and durable as compared to the integrated ones.

As the integrated graphics are plugged from outside, hence they can provide fluctuating performance.

Also, the dedicated graphics card uses more power as compared to the integrated graphics card. 

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